Winnisquam Watershed Network is formed!

Folks, the fledgling, and newly named Winnisquam Watershed Network (WWN), met on Sunday the 14th and, along with deciding to create an open group Facebook page (which is now up and running), also decided to create a website. This website is intended to serve as a repository for Winnisquam reports, or links to the same, or any other information that the group decides is appropriate to post there. The website (through WordPress) will have a running Facebook lead linked to the Facebook page (i.e. you will see the Facebook posts in the margin of the website home page).

The draft website will be rolled out at a meeting of any and all Winnisquam-concerned parties which means you are all welcome, along with additional members of your neighborhoods, local association, organizations or agencies. Winnisquam Marine will host this meeting in late September/early October on a Friday evening, 5-7 pm, at which you will get to meet your fellow Winnisquamonians and to review and comment on the website. NH LAKES will be there to learn firsthand what you want to see in this website and make the appropriate changes/additions following the meeting. Then we can train a couple of aspiring website/Mail Chimp administrators from around the lake and transition the website to local control. That’s the plan; we’ll see how it all works….

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