Winnisquam Watershed Network (WWN) Officially Launched

The Winnisquam Watershed Network (WWN), a lake association for all of Lake Winnisquam, is officially launched! Approximately 50 members attended our Charter Meeting on July 29th to express support for the WWN’s mission and to approve Bylaws, elect a Board of Directors and pass a budget motion. See the link below for minutes of the meeting, including the bylaws and Board of Directors. We have also received certification as a New Hampshire non-profit and will be looking into pursuing 501(c)(3) status as a federally designated non-profit.

The Winnisquam Watershed Network’s mission is to work together to preserve and protect Lake Winnisquam for future generations. The group’s initial efforts will include the development and implementation of a comprehensive water quality monitoring program for the lake, working to prevent and control of milfoil and other invasive aquatic species, and working with local municipalities to encourage and support planning on a watershed-wide basis.

Stay abreast of our activities and help support the Winnisquam Watershed Network by clicking the “Join Now” button on our web page, or by mailing a check to Winnisquam Watershed Network, PO Box 502, Winnisquam NH 03289. Membership is only $25 and additional donations are welcome.

WWN 2017 Annual Meeting minutes and Bylaws

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