RV Resort Proposal

The WWN wants to make you aware of a proposed RV park development on the Anchorage property in Tilton.
Shown below is a concept plan for the development, which was presented to the Tilton Planning Board on 12/28/17. The video from that meeting is available online at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDB9-uFFFB8&feature=youtu.be
The preliminary review discussion begins at around 0:37:00
The Tilton Zoning Ordinance is available online at:  http://www.tiltonnh.org/content/documents/landuse/2017/2017.Zoning%20Regulations.pdf
The proposed park is permitted under Article 3.4 “SEASONAL RESORT COMMUNITY REGULATIONS”

The tax map depicting the subject parcels (R9/25 & 27) is available online at:  http://www.tiltonnh.org/content/taxmaps/2016/95106R9.margin.pdf
The tax cards for the subject parcels are available online at:
http://www.tiltonnh.org/taxcards/000R0900002500000001.pdf  (additional zero-acreage cards exist for the cottages on this parcel) http://www.tiltonnh.org/taxcards/000R0900002700000001.pdf
As of now, all that has been submitted is the concept plan. If and when a formal application is submitted to the town we will let you know when the public hearings are scheduled. We encourage all those who have questions or concerns about the project to participate in the public hearing process.